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内容摘要:China urges US to ‘cherish’ Iran nuclear deal, slams unilateral sanctions policy中国敦促美国“珍惜”伊核协议,谴责单边制裁政策新闻稿:Published time: 14 Jan, 2018 02:1...

China urges US to ‘cherish’ Iran nuclear deal, slams unilateral sanctions policy中国敦促美国“珍惜”伊核协议,谴责单边制裁政策
Published time: 14 Jan, 2018 02:19.发表时间:2018年1月14日  02:19
金沙网上娱乐网址:中国敦促美国“珍惜”伊核协议,谴责单边制裁政策 FILE PHOTO: Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif shakes hands with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi 伊朗外交部长穆罕默德·贾瓦德·扎里夫与同行的王毅握手

China has reiterated its support for the Iran nuclear deal, praising Tehran for adhering to the agreement despite Washington’s unilateral sanctions and constant threats to scrap it unless some “disastrous flaws” are fixed.“As the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] has not come by easily, all relevant parties should cherish it,”Chinese Foreign Minister Lu Kan said on Saturday. He was responding to US President Donald Trump’s announcement on Friday that he would reintroduce sanctions on Iran if a new nuclear deal is not negotiated within the next four months.



Lu stressed that China “always firmly supports” the deal and considers it an important multilateral achievement that serves a prime example of how international issues can be resolved by diplomatic and political means.China hopes the landmark agreement, which curbed Iran’s nuclear enrichment program in exchange for sanctions relief, will be “universally supported” and the international community will “fully recognize the efforts made by Iran to implement it.”



China defended the deal, which has been left hanging in the balance since the beginning of Trump’s tenure in the White House, after the US leader waived sanctions against Iran on Friday, saying he would give the deal “a last chance” before the US ultimately withdraws at the end of the 120-day extension.In a thinly-veiled criticism of the new round of sanctions recently imposed by Washington on Iranian entities, Lu said that China is opposed to “unilateral sanctions imposed by relevant countries on other countries in accordance with their domestic law.”"This position is consistent and clear-cut,” he stressed.





ResseIsrael desperately wanted the US to attack Iran but that was diverted by the international community in forming an Iran deal. Now it’s trying to once again sabotage it


Tony hancockRecent riots in Iran encouraged by Israel as they have extensive network in Iran. Several Iranian nuclear scientists assassinated in Iran; presumably by Israel? Reaction to the US decision to recognize JERUSALEM as the capital of Israel rebuked at UN. Israel basically at war with Iran.


AmboThere's no doubt about Israel's power to inflict harm on selected persons inside Iran. But Iran has the largest community of Jews in the Middle East (outside of Israel). And it's growing larger. Mr Netanyahu must pause...


ReeseOnly about 8,000-9,000 Jews total out of 80 million people in Iran. I'm sure Israel will sacrifice them


HahAbsurd dreams and imaginings. Why do you think China and Russia really want Iran, a terror supporting nation to have nuclear capability??? Der der der.


Douglas edwardsYou imply CHINA and RUSSIA support IRANIAN terrorism? You seem badly informed and completely unaware of the new treaty with Iran with safeguards fully endorsed by Europe after years of negotiation in good faith by Iran. Granted ISRAEL with nuclear weapons.


FungiThe world is getting more and more aware of the true nature of USA, more weary, more frustrated. Even americans themselves are getting tired of being kept in the dark and fed manure daily, like mushrooms. Those trillions of taxdollars that the war hawks love to take from your pockets could have gone to education, healthcare, housing, jobs, infrastructure, development, culture, science and what not. We want a democratic world where every nation has a voice, not only those who are rich and powerful.


ZatThe sanction addict USA will no longer be taken serious by entire world.


5hThe world needs to sanction and isolate the US and israel for provoking conflicts in their perpetual state of war for at least the past 70 years.


BatteryWell done China. Obama was terrible but Iran deal was the best deal he ever made I believe.


HaboobAppeasing Iran/China is giving us these problems we are seeing today. Yeah real smart on his part.


Lied toYes it is Iran′s and China′s fault that there is unemployement in USA, no universal healthcare, good education only for the rich, infrastructure falling, rampant substance abuse, violence, hatecrime, environmental catastrophy, corruption at the highest level, dark military/intel budgets in Trillions of USD, rigged financial system etc etc. Yes real smart to blame China and Iran.


BatterChina is the power hub now whether anyone likes it or not usa is subsided already.


StinkytofuAmerica should try to promote harmony and peace instead of disharmony and war. It would make the world a for all mankind.


M"Harmony and Peace" the things the US is not familiar with.


AristidesThe US is constantly breaking deals and laws made by the international community. This is called a "Rogue State".


AlexanderThe US is looking for conflict, so the solution for Iran is to get nuclear armed by just buying nuclear warheads. During the cold war the nuclear armament served as deterrent, same here, Israel will only stop its games if a couple of hundreds of nuclear warheads are aimed against it to assure total destruction if it starts anything silly.


JocknessTime for Iran to invite Russia and China to open Naval bases on the Persian gulf. Specifically to protect trade routes ;-)

是时候让伊朗邀请俄罗斯和中国,在波斯湾建立海军基地了,专门用来保护贸易航线 ;-)

RtfanCruel Americans and its allies must be responsible for innocent human losses across the globe. Every corner of the world must be compensated. World leaders must treat every human with equality. World must share education, food,technology, and security to prevent further human losses.


HaboobThe china only wants to use Iran as a gas station or hub to Russia and western Europe for their silk road.


JimThere is lots love between China and Russia and Iran. Hope president Trump will join in live happily ever after.


RedStill putting the US up on the pedestal. But then again, it distracts the world from Chinese foreign and domestic policies. Let's have an update on Chinese military bases in the SCS, if permission from the RT handlers is given.






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